The Grimms' Fairy Tale

Illustrated by Lucy Gow

Picture of queen sitting beside window

Once upon a time a queen sat sewing by a window made of ebony wood.

She pricked her finger and blood fell on the snow. She wished she had a baby with hair as black as ebony, lips as red as blood, and skin as white as snow.

Picture of king holding a baby and looking sad.

The queen’s wish came true. They called the baby Snow White.

Sadly, the queen died not long after.

Picture of new queen dancing in front of mirror happily.

The king remarried.

His new wife had a magic mirror that told the truth.
Each day, she asked the mirror:

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest one of all?”

Each day the mirror answered, “you are.”

Picture of new queen looking angrily at mirror.

Until one day the mirror said …

Snow White with a bird and a squirrel.

“… Snow White.”

The queen giving the huntsman a box.

The queen said to the royal huntsman

“take Snow White into the forest and bring back her heart in this box.”

The huntsman kneels in foreground as Snow White runs away in the distance in a forest.

The huntsman took Snow White into the forest and told her to run away.

Snow White screaming in the forest as trees look like monsters.

When night fell, the forest was a scary place to be all alone.

Snow White looking at a cottage with some rabbits, a squirrel, and a bird.

In the morning, Snow White followed some forest animals to a little cottage.

Snow White sleeping in a bed. Seven dwarfs surround her.

Seven dwarfs lived in the cottage.

When they came home, Snow White was asleep inside.

The queen looks at mirror with hands on hips. The mirror shows Snow White sitting on the bed at the Seven Dwarfs' cottage

The magic mirror told the Queen where Snow White was staying.

The queen wears a grey cloak.  She is pulling a ribbon too tight on Snow White's dress. Snow White struggles.

The queen disguised herself as a lady selling ribbons.

She tricked Snow White. Snow White let the Queen lace her dress with a ribbon.

The Queen pulled it so tight that Snow White couldn’t breathe.

The dwarfs watch as one of them cuts the ribbon off Snow White's dress.

The dwarfs found Snow White on the floor.

They cut the ribbon and Snow White woke up.

Mirror shows Snow White. The queen looks upset.

Again the magic mirror told the Queen that Snow White was the fairest.

The queen, wearing a ridiculous wig, is combing Snow White's hair.

The Queen disguised herself as a lady selling combs.

She tricked Snow White.

“Now let me comb your hair,” said the Queen.

The queen walks away. Snow White is unconscious.

But the Queen used a poisoned comb.

She stuck it into Snow White’s scalp.

Snow White fell to the floor.

The queen smashes mirror. It shows Snow White with the dwarfs.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who is the fairest one of all?” asked the Queen.

“Snow White” said the mirror.

The dwarfs had saved her again.

The queen holds an apple above a bubbling cauldron.

The queen went to a secret place and made a poisoned apple.

Snow White reaches out of cottage window to receive apple from disguised queen.

She disguised herself as a peasant and tricked Snow White again.

Snow White bites into apple.

Snow White bit into the apple and fell down as if dead.

The seven dwarfs watch over Snow White in her glass coffin.

This time the dwarfs could not rouse Snow White.

They made her a coffin out of gold and glass and inscribed it with the words:

“Here lies Snow White, the daughter of a king.”

A king looks at Snow White in her coffin while one of the dwarfs stands by.

A long time passed and Snow White lay in the coffin. She stayed beautiful and looked as if she was just sleeping.

One day a prince asked if he could take Snow White to his palace.

The dwarfs agreed reluctantly.

The king sits next to Snow White, who is
                  awake, sitting in her coffin but it is smashed open.

As the king's men carried Snow White away, they stumbled on some roots and the apple fell out of Snow White's mouth.

She woke up!