bear dancing

animation of bear dancing by Lucy Gow

I tried to make a gif of a bear doing the floss dance. He’s not very convincing, but I’m still really happy with how happy he seems. It cheers me up to see it.   I followed the steps from a Skillshare class (Easiest Way to Create Animated Gifs in Photoshop).

working on watercolour painting

painting of boy holding his hand out and smiling

I’m a big fan of Skillshare. I have hundreds of classes saved to watch. This week I did a class about watercolour painting: Sketch Watercolor Characters Using Photo Inspiration. I’m really happy with how my project turned out. One thing that I want to remember is to try to use as few brushstrokes as I […]

possum wearing Dame Edna glasses

possum wearing Dame Edna glasses

I think one of my new year’s resolutions should be to get better at drawing possums. I want to be able to draw them so that they are recognizable as possums, even if I’ve made them a bit cartoony and so forth. Yesterday I painted a possum wearing Dame Edna glasses: And I also sketch-painted […]

skill (in colour)

I made some watercolour paintings from the drawing I did for the word skill and gave them to my niece. But I took some photos first. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. (Any errors in the pose are most likely due to my drawing rather than her.)


Drawing of Gemma Gow doing gymnastics

This is a picture I did for the Illustration Friday topic ‘skill’. I thought of my niece @gemma_y_gow and her amazing skill in rhythmic gymnastics. I drew her from a video by @nely_bis_rhythmicgymnastics.


drawing of bees in a hive

I’m just starting out my blog with some old Illustration Friday pictures. This is from when the topic was ‘wax’ a few weeks ago. Aren’t bees amazing? Did you know that worker bees have different jobs depending on their age? They apparently make the best wax at around 16-18 days of age. I learned that […]